A garden Q&A on 66 Square Feet

I was so happy to be interviewed recently by my gardening pal Marie Viljoen on her excellent blog, 66 Square Feet. Marie is a wonderful gardener and cook and urban forager. She gets more ideas and shares more knowledge out of her tiny Brooklyn garden than most people obtain from an acre. Take a look at what she's up to. You'll be inspired.


Kaveh said...

Nice Q & A. I love the name of her blog too. I considered a similar name before I started blogging but it would have been 40 square feet!

Marie said...

Stephen - thank you! You are a rare Renaissance man.

Nancy Taylor Robson said...


I want to quote you briefly and mention your new book as a resources for an article for the Garden Writers Association on the distinction between sustainable and organic gardening (and where they overlap, obviously).

I've wrote for years for the Baltimore Sun and for House Beautiful. I'm also a UMD Master Gardener and one of the (many) bloggers on Grow It Eat It.
What's the best way to get in touch so we can talk? I'll need maybe 15 minutes.

Nancy Taylor Robson

Julie Christina said...

Hi Stephen,

I would love to have you do a talk at Blithewold in Bristol, RI. The talk would be in Nov. 2012

Let me know the best way to get in touch with you for details.

my email: jmurphyedu@blithewold.org

Many thanks,


Emmon said...

Hi Stephen: FYI - I blogged about you and have made your book the prize of this week's book drawing on our website at http://www.QuestionAndPlanter.com. If there's anything you want me to change, just let me know! (My motivation was a co-worker who heard you speak at the Northwest Garden & Flower Show and came back last week just ecstatic!) Congrats on your book and achievements!

Emmon Scott
Q&P Scribe

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