The Martha Show!

I am a little late in posting this but I was so happy to be on the Martha Stewart Show last week to talk about my new book and our March garden issue. Martha was so generous to have me on and really sweet about the book. We discussed sustainable materials, book parties and why I shouldn't throw away plants after we do photo shoots. (I wouldn't have anyway...)

Watch it here (once there, you have to click on the "Sustainable Gardening Tips" on the right sidebar).


Lee said...

So excited you are coming to Kutztown..Nobody ever comes around here for book signings. I will be there with bells on!!!

Katrin said...

love it, Steve! cant wait to get my hands on your book. xk

Matti said...

Nice work. we will check out the book. may make it to Flora Grubb tomorrow. Matti

Julie Newmar said...

A delight to the eyes
Julie Newmar's Garden, Spring 2014