My first book signing

Please mark your calendars for February 15th at 7:30pm.

I am going to be doing a short presentation and signing for my new book at the Upper East Side Barnes & Noble (86th and Lexington Avenue).


Lucindaville said...

I will be stuck in the hills of West Virginia, but I will be thinking of you.

ChrisB said...

Wonderful! I'll be there

Rainforest Gardener said...

I just read your new book and absolutely love it. I'm grateful that you focused on the common sense approach to organic gardening by encouraging readers to choose plants according to their situation. When plants are healthy and happy, pests aren't really a threat. In my swampy tropicalesque backyard I've never had to spray pesticides of any kind because the growth is way too vigorous for the lubbers and katydids to keep up with! Thanks for the amazing read!

Ida Lomibao said...

Hi Stephen,

The second horticultural lecture of Wave Hill’s 2011 season is scheduled for Wednesday, February 23, at the New York School of Interior Design on the Upper East Side (qt 6pm), and features potter Frances Palmer. This is the first time that Frances has spoken about the profound connection between the one-of-a-kind vases ad bowls she hand-throws and the organic cutting garden just beyond her studio windows. Whet your appetite with a browse on the blog Design*Sponge, the brain-child of Brooklyn-based writer Grace Bonney: In mid-January she interviewed Frances about her creative process. Frances mentions there that her studio is home to a collection of plaster casts of flowers from her garden, which she uses for the shapes placed on many of her pots. We’re looking forward to hearing more about the dynamic relationship between these outdoor and indoor spaces. Some tickets for the lecture are still available, at

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Wave Hill