"I am the Lorax. I speak for the trees."

"I speak for the trees for the trees have no tongues."

This 1971 book by Dr. Seuss and its 1972 television special had a big effect on me as a child. This is pure environmentalism propaganda and I love it. The music is completely dated but the strong message of big business greed, capitalism and the dangers of unchecked consumerism is just as powerful today. This is especially true in light of recent events in the Gulf of Mexico where our dependence on thneeds has polluted a beautiful eco-system with gluppity-glup and schloppity-schlop on a Seussian scale.

I hear that there is a new version of the story coming out in 2012 (in 3D no less). In the meantime, I recommend watching this program with the kids or just by yourself over cereal in the morning—you'll feel like an idealistic child of seven again.


Suze said...

I always loved this cartoon. Thank you for reminding me!

Richard said...

I love that there is not really a happy ending but more of a challenge. Unless

Ashling said...

And after being inspired and challenged by The Lorax, revisit the Butter Battle Book...only Dr. Seuss could have tackled nuclear disarmament in ways 'even' a child could understand!