Don't forget the fringetree

My friend Lindsey and I came across this big beautiful Chinese fringetree (Chionanthus retusus) after a party this week at The New York Botanical Garden. This amazingly fragrant tree blooms in mid-spring and fills the air with the smell of sweet almonds and honey for a fair distance. The flowers look like white feathers (or indeed flapper fringe) and hang off the branches in tiered clouds. You can see that we are both happy to be communing with it.

You can buy seedlings of this species of fringetree by mail-order at Forestfarm.


Francine Gardner said...

I would love such a perfect for my white garden

gardener said...

For the past two years we have searched for this magnificent tree at the NYBG, and have found it is no longer there. There are now in the Native Plant Garden, three young Virginicus fringe trees and a Retusus planted 100 years ago by the Mosholu entrance. None compare to the fringe tree in your photo. We were lucky to have seen it its full glory. A Garden worker said it succumbed to an unknown disease