An intimate view of a grand English garden

I wrote about Alan Gray and Graham Robeson's eye-popping garden, East Ruston Old Vicarage, in the March 11th issue of WSJ Magazine. This vast garden has to be seen to be believed. Mr. Gray, a consummate plantsman and very charismatic fellow, is speaking at The New York Botanical Garden on May 7th. Don't miss the chance to hear him and see more photographs of this amazing place.

"Barbara Israel Garden Antiques Presents Alan Gray, British horticulturalist at The New York Botanical Garden, May 7, 2010

Barbara Israel is delighted to introduce British gardener extraordinaire Alan Gray to The New York Botanical Garden to give a talk during the annual Antique Garden Furniture show. Recently profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Gray is known throughout the UK both as a television presenter for “Glorious Gardens”, a BBC garden host, and most particularly for the exceptional
East Ruston Old Vicarage Garden that he and Graham Robeson have created at their home in East Ruston, Norfolk. Mr. Gray’s appearance at The New York Botanical Garden offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of Europe’s foremost experts on garden design, horticulture, and plant varietals.

Gray and Robeson have created a spectacularly designed thirty-acre oasis on a windy stretch of property on the North Sea that was literally a barren prairie landscape 20 years years ago. Now it boasts a vast array of gardens showcasing plants from many countries and styles."
Alan Gray Lecture
May 7 at 2PM at the Janet and Arthur Ross Lecture Hall, The New York Botanical Garden.
The $20 ALL Garden Pass includes admission to the talk as well as the Antique Garden Furniture Show. Members are free.


Erica said...

Sounds wonderful. That place looks incredible!

JennyAnn Wheeler said...

I simply adore your blog, and the lovely photographs and musings you write here! thanks for sharing yourself!

I am in lo-oo-oove with the light blue muscari you posted a while back..I live in the Pacific Northwest (although I'm a NY native) and they would be a delicate addition to my garden, where the fritillaria and freckled violets are really getting cozy.

Stephen Orr said...

Thanks so much Jenny Ann. I appreciate you stopping by!

Barry Parker said...

Hi Stephen,
I read that article a few weeks ago and hadn't noticed that you were the author. I Really enjoyed it. Thanks.

Paul said...

A barren prairie landscape sounds equally intriguing.