Gardening underwater

I came across the Japanese photographer and aquarium builder, Takashi Amano, through Delphine, a new facebook friend and blogger from France.

I'll admit I don't know much about Mr. Amano other than that he is well-known among aquarium hobbyists and that has published several books of his designs and photography. As someone who last had an unsuccessful aquarium in junior high school filled with plastic plants, I am very impressed by this naturalistic style of aquatic horticulture that uses real plants (or is that aquaculture?) Thank you Delphine!

Photographs via Takashi Amano


Kaveh said...

Too much work and too technical for me but I love his stuff. They require high power lights, CO2 injection, and constant grooming. I am lucky enough to have a Nature Aquarium store based on his principles in my town and I like to go check it out now and then even though I am too much of a transient right now to have a fish tank.

Would have loved to check out his gallery when I was in Japan but I was no where near Niigata. Luckily pretty much all Aquarium stores in Japan are amazing compared to the U.S. counterparts so I did see a cool place in Tokyo.

Delphine said...

Hello my friend !
I'm so happy about your kind words !
I have heard about Mister Amano that he is a very secret person.

Patty said...

Wow that aquarium is an amazing work of art, beautiful aquaculture ;) thanks for posting!