Nature contained

I just came across these forgotten photographs from a summer weekend upstate. Our friends wanted to make terrariums in a group of lidded canisters they bought at an antique store. So they went around the yard and the forest and picked up little woodland bits to put in them. I think they look really beautiful.

I hear that now that the terrariums have gone home with their makers, the ferns are doing pretty well even months later but of course the mushrooms have disappeared.

My friend Johanna has mad styling skills so it was no surprise that her terrarium (above and below) was the best. You might remember her cut-paper jungle wall here.

Afterwards, we all watched Juliet of the Spirits and took naps.


babszilla said...

All the terrariums are beautiful! I especially love the vibrant color of one of the mushrooms featured in Johanna's terrarium.

sarala said...

These are just lovely.