Blog numbers

I started this blog last February and on the occasion of this my 100th post I thought I would show a glimpse of the technological wonder known as Google Analytics.

With this tool I can see how many people stop by my blog and where they come from. Though I can't see who they are of course, I am thrilled to have readers in places so exotic—to me at least—as Iran, Angola, Yeman, Paraguay, Slovenia, Jakarta and Romania.

I would like to give a приветствие to my reader in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. I picture you sitting at your computer thinking of gardens in an apartment overlooking the Ural River where it runs into the salty, landlocked Caspian Sea.

And to my pal in Iceland, I think I know who you are: halló yndi, koma aftur bráðum.

And to all the rest of you in places as exotic as Van Nuys, Boise, and Utica, thank you for checking in from time to time and also thank you for being patient with my erratic posting schedule. I look forward to your next visit.