Rooftop Farms in Brooklyn

While working on my garden book this summer, one of my favorite discoveries was Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Not only is the 6,000 square foot, three-story high rooftop an agri-engineering marvel thanks to Chris and Lisa Goode at Goode Green Design, it is a wonderfully bucolic place to visit.

During the Sunday market days (the only time the farm is open to the public), you can see boats chug up and down the East River against a storybook-perfect view of the Manhattan skyline seemingly just a few block away while buying your organic radishes, tomatoes, lettuce, kale and peppers. Read more about the farm and how it came to be in this article at Edible Brooklyn.

The rooftop's rich layer of installed soil has yielded hundreds of pounds of produce over the first season. Annie Novak and Ben Flanner, the patient and hard-working urban farmers, have been selling their vegetables to restaurants and to the general public all season. But they only have two market days left, Sunday, October 18th and Sunday, October 25th from (9am-4pm).

Be sure to visit before they put the farm to bed for the winter. I bought the best tomatoes I had all summer from Ben and Annie. Click here to find out how to visit and learn more about their workshops. The farm is easily accessible from the G train.

Neat rows of bush beans, peppers and baby lettuces.

Looking back towards Long Island City, Queens. The farm sits near the northern border of Brooklyn

Tomatoes from a little earlier in the season


MJ said...

Stephan, always love your blog! what I wouldn't give to visit this place - next summer!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the day when I look out my window and see the majority of roofs covered in green!!!