It's raining in LA!

Los Angelenos are finally getting rain for the first time in many many months. Hooray! Let's hope it doesn't come all at once but signals a break for the long-suffering gardeners in drought-ridden California. Read more about it at my friend Ivette's blog, The Germinatrix. (photo Ivette Soler)


RandyT said...

Couldn't come soon enough!!

Germi said...

I am SO BUMMED I missed you when you were here!
Next time we don't have lunch when you stop by these parts, I'll beat you up. You don't want THAT, do you?
I hope you have an AMAZING time in one of my favorite garden cities, Austin.
From one Texan to another - "YEEE - HAAAW!"


Stephen Orr said...

I abhor violence so I promise to call next time!! ;)