Our new stone terrace

We have a new stone terrace at our upstate lake cabin. Thanks goes to Chad and our two good friends, James and David. The bluestone has been sitting out front all winter too heavy to steal, too cumbersome to move. I would like to take some credit for the terrace but I was out of town working on the book when the stones finally made their move. The boys did a beautiful job don't you think?

My not nearly as manly contribution came later. I planted creeping thyme, alpine strawberries, lavender and we moved ferns around from the nearby forest.

Chad did an excellent job with the low broken stone wall.

Yellow foxglove (Digitalis grandiflora)

Allium bulgaricum (now more correctly called Nectaroscordum siculum but I'm not ready to change)


Anonymous said...

would your friends come to Nova Scotia to do ours? a beautiful terrace indeed! did you collect the stone over time or buy it? we are in the Bay of Fundy in Parrsboro, lots of stone there.


Stephen Orr said...

Thank ML. We bought the stone but it is local. There is a man who sells quarried bluestone down the road from us. It's pretty easy to do yourself. Just a layer of rough gravel and sand as a base, sand and soil in between...Good luck! Nova Scotia is such a beautiful place

Anonymous said...

Simply. Lovely.