Mushroom weather

I heard on the news last night that this is the second wettest June in recorded weather history for the New York City area. Anyone who lives here can attest to that. It has rained 17 out of the last 21 days, and not days of just any rain but several where water pours solidly for an entire 24 hours. "Relentless!" I find myself muttering to no one in particular as I look out of the window.

When we were upstate this past weekend we had one soggy day of cabin fever followed by a cloudy day where we could actually get outside and do some gardening. I look forward to showing you the stone terrace that we were able to plant up after the bf and our wonderful friends did the heavy lifting while I was out of town. In the meantime, look at this display of fungus that I photographed.

Our small front yard has more different types of mushrooms this year than any place I've ever seen. I wish I knew if any were edible but I don't dare trust my identification skills even when armed with my mushroom books. Poisonous or not, they are still beautiful and mysterious and yes, a bit creepy.

Meanwhile my friends in LA and Texas haven't seen rain in months. I need to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" again and see if Mr. Gore's predictions are accurate. I seem to remember something about the Northeast turning into a swamp while the Midwest and California become a Sahara-like desert.

I know some of them look like other things...not my fault. Nature, she repeats her forms.

What we know as a mushroom is the fruiting body of the often much larger organism underneath the soil. These "fruits" are the sexual phase of the fungal life cycle.

According to Scientific American, the largest organism in the world by area (2,384 acres) is a fungus in Oregon's Blue Mountains. It exists mostly as an underground network topped by fruiting bodies, in this case, a tree fungus.

Not a mushroom but isn't it a lovely decayed leaf?


Germi said...

Stephen, these photos are just gorgeous! I can smell the damp! I am jealous of the wet! Here in Los Angeles we are slowly shriveling up, and the only mushrooms I get are the stinky Phallus impudicus- yuk.

Sigh. The fecund beauty of the mushroom!

Stephen Orr said...

Thanks Germi! It just keeps raining here. even since this post!