Have you been to the Conservatory Garden lately?

Last week's warm temperatures seemed to make New York gardens explode simultaneously with flowers. I took these photographs last Thursday at the Conservatory Garden, a beloved horticultural gem hidden at Fifth Avenue and 105th Street that is strangely unknown to many New Yorkers. It looked like the most perfect flower show garden you could imagine. Everything was blooming. I regret that I hadn't been to this garden in years. 

Congratulations to the gardeners who work and volunteer there for making it look so wonderful. I look forward to returning in midsummer and autumn to see how the plantings change over the seasons.

Click photos to enlarge. All photographs by Stephen Orr.

The garden is sunken below the level of busy Fifth Avenue so it has an unexpected feeling of quiet and solitude. 

The South Garden is full of pristine bulb plantings that will be followed by summer perennials and blooming shrubs.

The bronze fountain at the center, above, based on The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, was made by Bessie Potter Vonnoh in 1936. 

The shade border grows on a bank on the perimeter of the South Garden.

Our native Virginia bluebells (Mertensia virginica) come and go so quickly in spring.

The main lawn of the Conservatory Garden is backed by an enormous arcade of wisteria and flanked by a double row of blooming cherries.

All these glorious tulips will be replaced by seasonal plantings for the rest of the year. I plan on coming back to see the Korean chrysanthemums this fall. I vividly remember them from a visit years back as well as the scene with Dianne Wiest from Woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway. See the shot here.

Three Dancing Maidens of 1910 by Walter Schott. See the maidens, chilly but still dancing, on a winter's day here.


Posey Parker said...

What exquisite photography! I particularly love the shot of the allée! If some people believe that photography steals one spirit, you are half guilty, for you certainly have captured the spirit of this
extraordinary garden. Bravo!

Stephen said...

Thanks for the compliment Posey!

Conservatory Supplier said...

This seems a beautiful garden with lots of colorful flowers in the conservatory and the photography is also excellent..

Stephen Orr said...

Hello-- there is no conservatory there now. The garden sits where one of the glasshouses for the park was until the mid 1930s.

conservatory cleaning west yorkshire said...

many thanks for the post, looks excellent