Blogger salute!

I'd like to give a hearty shoutout to my ex-colleague at Domino, the lovely and talented
Germinatrix (aka Ivette Soler). During her time there, she adeptly garnered a garden following among the doministas (not always an easy task!) and now, as we've said goodbye to all that, she has launched her own new blog at Very exciting!

I appreciate Ivette for several things: one is her great sense of humor and deep plant knowledge, another is that she once called me a "dark genius" in a blog post (I've never been called a dark anything much less a genius so that gave me a thrill!), and finally I love that she doesn't think I use enough exclamation marks in my blog. (There are 6 in this short post alone, Ivette!) She is helping me be more bloggy.

Please visit her site and get involved with her lively group of commenters here.

PS to Ivette. Love your banner drawing. I hope you will do new ones from time to time. I want to see more!

PSS Ivette is also a garden designer. See some of her beautiful Los Angeles gardens at Elysian Landscapes.


Germi said...

I gasp, I blush, I swoon!
What an HONOR!
Thanks for the AWESOME shout out, dear Garden Writer Extraordinaire!

Yes, Domino is gone, but its super powers reside with us!
You are the best, my friend...

XOXOIvette! (Germi)

Stephen Orr said...

4 exclamation marks in your comment Ivette. I am inspired by your example!

Stephen Orr said...

oops there are 5!

Posey Parker said...

Love you, love Ivette! Love her use of exclamation points, love your restraint. In both your cases, to punctuate is human, to blog, divine.