Plant specificities—Geraniaceae

In these days of broad general appeal, it's so nice that there are still people out there like Robin Parer and her Marin County nursery Geraniaceae. There she grows and sells only members of the plant family from which her business takes its name. Robin has been selling these plants since 1983.

Now you may know that what we ordinarily call geraniums, the bright red things that spill out of Swiss balconies, actually exist in the genus Pelargonium. Robin sticks to the more outrĂ© members of the pelargonium set: the night-scented, the summer-dormant, and those, as you can see here, that produce massive bulbous roots.

As an art project, the wonderful Bay Area photographer of gardens Marion Brenner has been photographing these "pellies" in all their weird glory at Robin's nursery. The shots here show differing species of pelargoniums in full, intricate bloom like you've never seen in the common bedding variety. Others are captured dry and dusty in their dormant state. All are beautiful in Marion's expert lens.

I certainly admire people who are specific in what they like.

Visit Geraniaceae nursery here.
Visit Marion's website here.

Robin doesn't only sell pelargoniums , including the scented-leaved varieties, but she also offers other members of the Geraniaceae family: the rarer erodiums, and the bone-fide geraniums which are hardy and very garden-worthy. Go to her website to see her stock.


tradeink said...

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in lowful musical middle micro.

Andrew said...

I feel a little mundane following the comment above, however:

Where are unusual varieties of geraniums available in New York?

Stephen Orr said...

you can never be mundane Andrew. Robin ships plants via mail-order. I don't know of a source around here since most of them are pretty rare.

Posey Parker said...

LOVE!!! I fantasized about pilfering the black flowered one many moons ago from a Pelargonium show at the LA Arboretum, but now I can purchase from Robin with a clear conscience. Thank you for making this plant geek's dream come true.