The NYBG Orchid Show

As the photos of my recent visit reveal, every inch of Brazilian Modern, The New York Botanical Garden's 7th annual Orchid Show seems to be festooned (yes that's the right word) every inch is festooned with orchids blooming at full volume. 

There are walls of orchids, towers of orchids and dangling chandeliers of orchids, each inspired by the gardens of the late Brazilian designer, Roberto Burle Marx. His distinctive style has been translated for the show by the Miami garden designer, Raymond Jungles and expertly installed and tended by Francisca Coelho, the curator of the glasshouses at the NYBG.

The show is only up until April 12th so don't miss your opportunity to see all this vivid  tropicalismo in person. 

Click photographs to enlarge.

An angled vertical garden of orchids and tropical plants

A wall of hundreds of white phalaenopsis

A tiled mural designed by Burle Marx


Evan said...

Wow! How glorious!

Anonymous said...

These photographs capture the exhibition vividly.

tradeink said...

memorabilia rain

Germi said...

Okay, that is total PORNOGRAPHY!!!
I just want to jump in there and ... and...
well, let's just leave it at that!

What overwhelming beauty!

landscaping miami said...

i loved the show rj did a good job