Spring Weekend

On the frozen lakes near my weekend house in Upstate New York it's still winter.

But in my front yard I found spring this weekend. Several autumns ago, I planted about 100 snowdrops. The only ones that have lasted are the small colony pictured above of about 15 individuals that faithfully pop up as the earliest things out of the ground each March. 

Unfortunately they do so about three feet from where we park the car, so I always worry I'll crush them in the dark. But I haven't so far. Even in summer when they aren't visible, I'm always aware that they are there lurking under the hemlock needles and I respectfully walk around them hoping that they'll come back next year.


Stephen Orr said...

I've already had some worried emails today about venturing out on the frozen lake in March. Just so you know, we only do it when we see the Russian ice fishermen out there already. But I was a little nervous...

Seibert and Rice said...

Hi Steve,

I love your blog. I've added it to my favorites. It is NOT just another
garden blog. It's creative and intellectual. I love it.

All the best,

Newell said...

Maple sap season is upon us! The red tint of maple branches is about the only sign of the coming spring in my part of the Catskills. I've been pruning some of my apple trees while it's still easy to see that needs to go. I'm hoping the extra light and air that they'll get will improve the harvest this fall.

Anonymous said...

These things are just beautiful.