Modern day plant hunters

Explorers aren't just the adventurers of a bygone age. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has set up an inspiring new blog diary revealing what they say is the first botanical survey in over fifty years of the three main islands of the Louisiade Archipelago off the southeastern part of Papua New Guinea. 

Starting in February, Dr. Susan Pell (below), a molecular plant systematist and lab manager at the BBG lead a team for five weeks to study the DNA and evolutionary relationships of the Milne Bay flora, specifically members of the cashew family.

Congratulations to the BBG for using new technologies to bring the trip to life for all of us. Still there were issues because of the isolated location. A member of the BBG staff here in New York laboriously transcribed Dr. Pell's sometimes technology-garbled satellite telephone calls from the deepest reaches of the rainy forests and savannas to create the web postings. 

See a tracking map that shows you where the research team traveled.

Visit the site to see descriptions and many more photographs (especially the more evocative ones of leeches and grotty  jungle feet).

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REllis said...

Wow what an amazing trip! I'm curious what the expedition yielded in the way of new discoveries