Starn Twins bamboo installation

Yesterday, The New York Times Magazine showed a large-scale bamboo installation (above) by the Starn Twins at Tallix Foundry in Beacon, NY. Rock climbers, under the direction of the twins, add and remove the poles of the freeform structure so that is always evolving and moves around the space. Read more about it on the New York Times website.

The installation will be open to visitors from May 15th to May 18th, 11am - 4pm. Contact info and directions are on their website.

More photographs and in-process shots and videos can be found on the Starns website here. An animated computer rendering can be found here.

It reminds me of the bamboo scaffolding used in construction projects in Asia (below).


tradeink said...

yellow green bamboo...
in this part of eternity,
wind musical meditation
on pain concentration.

Stephen Orr said...

Thank you. more poetry please

abigail said...