I [heart] Michelle

I think my grandparents, seen above thigh-high in wheat on their North Texas farm in the 1940s, would have been proud of a First Lady of the United States installing a vegetable garden at the White House. As you probably have read by now, the last time this happened was when my other favorite first lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, put a Victory Garden on the South Lawn. See the new garden's plan from the New York Times below. Evidently the whole family, including the President, will work in their front yard garden, yielding not just organic produce for a select few but also photo-ops for thousands.

Perhaps a new age of gardening is on the horizon?


Heather Beth Taylor said...

I love your blog and just did a little post about it. http://lainbloom.blogspot.com/2009/03/weekend-reading-what-were-skies-like.html

Stephen Orr said...

Thank you very much Heather. I really appreciate your support and the really nice post! Your blog is beautiful. Congratulations.

Burkeland said...

I AM SO EXCITED THERE IS GOING TO BE A VEG GARDEN AT THE WHITE HOUSE! thank you for posting the plan, i have been thinking about it all week. do you think this is just the early season planting? its all green things... Regardless, I AM SO EXCITED!