English eccentrics

I saw a small item on Knives Out, the company of an English hedge artist named Nicky Fraser, in the recent Gardens Illustrated. The website is kind of a labyrinth of rollovers but I like the way she has with shrubbery (pictured above and below). We could use some of that cleverness in our topiary over here.

However, we do have our own inimitable topiary artist Pearl Fryar in Bishopville, South Carolina. Order the excellent documentary about his life's work here at The Garden Conservancy, which is working with Mr. Fryar to preserve his garden's legacy.


nicky Fraser said...

Thanks for liking my stuff. Nicky x

cynthia kling said...

Love this. Love the courage of these guys and can't decide if it is kitch or great.

Just ordered the Pearly Fryer documentary from Netflicks. As for gardening documentaries, I would also recommend Derek about Derek Jarmon - available now.

Stephen Orr said...

wait kitsch is bad?? Hi CK!
Also if doesn't take too much courage. Just wait a few months and the "carving" will grow out

Denise Fasanello said...

wow. love it!

Cynthia Kling said...

Hi Stephen, Hi Denise!

I don't know what I think of kitsch in the garden - I guess I am old fashioned but sort of pull away from it.

Blog suggestion: Will you write up all of your favorite gardening movies, sometime?

Stephen Orr said...

Yes good idea! already been pulling things for posts!
Thanks CK

Tim said...

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Kind regards
Nizam Uddin /post comment"