What would Mrs. Nast Think?

If Mrs. Condé Montrose Nast (Clarisse) was alive today, what would she, who seems so happy and at home in this filmy backlit garden portrait, think about the fact that the huge lifestyle purveyor that her husband founded in 1909 no longer publishes a magazine that reports on the world of gardens—at all. 

House and Garden? R.I.P. at the grand old age of 106 in 2007. 

Domino? R.I.P., still a toddler at almost four in 2009. 

Meanwhile Architectural Digest lumbers on, seemingly allergic to any home that shows a leaf, much less any sign of life.

"According to results of the recently completed 2007 National Gardening Survey retail sales of lawn and garden products to consumers totaled $35.102 billion last year. That was an increase of 3 percent or $1.025 billion more than the $34.077 billion consumers spent on lawn and garden products in 2006."

What a sad state of affairs in the magazine biz that the publishers can't work with these numbers.

(PS I worked at both HG and Domino and I miss them, as I know do many of their readers.)


Nancy Mims said...

I loved your stories at Domino and will miss them, but am happy to know about your blog. Keep up the beautiful work!

Stephen Orr said...

Thanks Nancy! I went to school in Austin. It's one of my favorite cities. Also your textiles are beautiful!